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We provide our vein patients with the most complete spider vein treatment available

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Spider veins are best treated with sclerotherapy injections. It is important to remember that spider vein treatment is a process generally requiring several months, and that they will look worse before they look better. At Washington Vein Specialists, we provide our vein patients with the most complete spider vein treatment available in the Washington DC Metro area, which is all performed in the comfort and convenience of our beautiful offices.

Sclerotherapy Injections

The gold standard in spider vein treatment, injection sclerotherapy is a relatively simple treatment that involves injecting an FDA-approved solution directly into the vein via a tiny needle. The sclerosant solution irritates the lining of the vein and causes it to collapse and seal closed. The vein is reabsorbed and fades over the course of 4-6 weeks. Most areas will require multiple treatments to achieve full fading. Even though it does involve the use of needles, most patients experience little discomfort.

Following treatment, I recommend patients apply Arnica gel, or our newest topical treatment, Dermaka, twice daily for bruising or pigmentation. Generally, normal activities can be resumed immediately after sclerotherapy, and “pounding” activities, such as running, can be resumed within a few days post-treatment. Medically prescribed compression stockings are worn for 4-5 days after each treatment session. Most patients require 3-6 treatments, but the actual number will vary with every person.

Vein Gogh – When Sclerotherapy is Not Enough

This FDA-approved device provides a superior solution for the treatment of the finest of spider veins (telangiectasia), sometimes found across the cheeks, thighs, ankles and knees. These veins are too tiny to successfully be treated with sclerotherapy, which are generally better suited at treating larger spider veins. VeinGogh delivers outstanding results using proprietary Microburst Technology™, which creates an effective, controllable heating of dermal vasculature without significant discomfort or damage to the surrounding tissue.

Laser Treatments – When Sclerotherapy and Vein Gogh are Not Enough

In less common circumstances a superficial surface laser can be used to remove spider veins. This is usually performed in conjuction with slcerotherapy and/or vein gogh or if they have been unsuccessful. Superficial surface lasers can also sometimes be used to remove skin discoloration related to vein disease (called hemosiderin staining).

If you want to learn more about the Spider Vein Treatments, Dr. Rothstein can provide you with additional information during your complimentary consultation. Contact us by calling our office or by filling out the form below.

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